Surfing the Internet for free in Barcelona!

In the Hotel Negresco Princess we want to satisfy you. For this reason, the hotel launched a great idea: Wi-Fi free pass to navigate during your stay in the city of Barcelona.

If you are staying in our deluxe rooms with large terraces, great enlightenment, minibar and spectacular views of the city you can also enjoy our exclusive Wi-Fi free pass to browse Internet while you are exploring the city of Barcelona.


From reception will provide a WI-FI PASS to be used everywhere you go in the city of Barcelona from your mobile and tablet.

Thanks to this added value will be able to locate and learn all about the entertainment venues of Barcelona that you always wanted to see, such as: museums, the route of modernism beaches, restaurants, shops and shopping areas in a more comfortable way.


Hotel Negresco Princess is located in the city center of Barcelona and thanks to the internet connection which includes the Deluxe Room; visiting Barcelona will be easier and fun because you don’t miss anything.

From now on, you can download and use some of the applications best rated to get around the city, such as: My Taxi, Hailo, TMB, Bus Turístic Virtual, Barcelona Official Guide and Gaudí BCN.

Six hotels from Barcelona participate in a triathlon preservation of the seabed along the coast of the city

60 workers of Barcelona Princess Hotel, Meliá Barcelona Sky, Meliá Sarria, Vincci Bit, Vincci Maritim and Barcelona International Convention Centre on Thursday 27th October will participate in a waste collection triathlon located in the Mar Bella beach in Barcelona.

This activity that support  the environment has been organized by the association Yotuba Barcelona and has the support of Barcelona City Council. In addition, the store Esportíssim collaborate in the transfer of wetsuits, and the Association Lifeguards of beaches of Barcelona City (ASPBC), which will ensure the safety of participants.

Preservación del fondo marino

Preservación del fondo marino

The waste collection is organized through the mentioned triathlon where workers in each hotel compete in a relay race to be the team that collect rubbish from the seabed. Each team is made up of two scuba divers, three swimmers and two people for ground support. The scuba divers will collect the residues from the bottom of the coastline across immersion in apnea of four meters depth. For its part, the swimmers will be responsible for transporting the waste to the sand where it will be collected by the support staff. To make the activity more competitive each team have a paddle board surfing, thus swimmers may carry faster of nets that contain remains.

Each year, the pipeline systems of wastewater discharged to the sea in cities thousands of tons of waste. Only 20% of this waste come to the sand the remainder accumulate on the seabed, endangering the survival of the diversity of species that live there. Each month, 30 tons of garbage are removed from urban sewerage. Most of the waste that accumulate at the bottom of the Barcelona coast are hygienic wipes and there are very resistant to decomposition.

Preservación del fondo marino

Preservación del fondo marino

Hotels that will participate in the Yotuba Triathlon as members of the association Barcelona Forum District, its employees are committed to contribute to regenerate marine life across this sport activity and environmental awareness. Deeper understanding of this ecosystem is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about the situation of the flora and fauna that inhabit the coast of the city, threatened by pollution and abuse of the marine environment.

This ecological and sport activity will begin at 10 am on Thursday 27 October at Mar Bella beach in Barcelona. Will last approximately one hour. The volunteers of the association Yotuba and lifeguards will be responsible for the ASPBC are prepared the equipment and the signaling of the collection areas before the arrival of participants.

Thank you Barcelona Princess Team, solidarity athletes in the Barcelona Triathlon 2016

On October 9th the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam will swim, ride and run during the Barcelona – Triathlon to fight against rare diseases.

Your collaboration can be fundamental in helping us. You can make your charity donation on migranodearena.org

There are 6 solidarity athletes. They will wear the Barcelona Princess Team shirt and they do the Barcelona Triathlon for a good cause: To raise funds destined to CIBERER, the institute that investigates rare diseases.

The Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon, was also present at the finish area of the Barcelona triathlon supporting all participants, offering fruits to the athletes and raising funds for the solidarity challenge.

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

The day of the Barcelona Triathlon was an intense and exciting Sunday. We witnessed the arrival of top finishers. On one hand, in the men’s section there are: Fernando Alarza, Luis Miguel Velazquez and Andrey Bryukhankov. On the other hand, in the women’s section: Elena Danilova, Agnieszka Jerzyk and Mariya Shorets.

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

In the category Olympic Games Triathlon Relay, the first team to arrive was Jaume Leiva, Xavier Llobet Sallent and Jessica Vall Montero.

One of the greatest moments was the arrival of Santander Relay team formed by Mireia Belmonte, Miguel Indurain and Martin Fiz. The best 3 people, in the biggest #BCNTriathlon!

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

For our part, all #BarcelonaPrincessTeam team reached the finishing line. In the individual category, Santiago, Victor and Joan improved their times. Besides, Karlos and Miquel created a great tandem. And Marina, the only girl in the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam, debuted in the Barcelona Triathlon and she got it. (See presentation of the team Hotel Barcelona Princess)

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

To all of them…THANKS to the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam for their time, effort, passion and solidarity.


You can enjoy the best evenings of Barcelona on the terrace of the Hotel Negresco Princess which will offer music, cocktails and fun this fall season.

Every Friday and Saturday in October and November (20h to 22h) come at La Terrazza on the roof top of this hotel in Barcelona and enjoy the best views of the city while the atmosphere is enlivened by live music.

LIVE NEGRESCO includes the performance of Paula Dominguez and Mixtrak. They will alternate day.

Live Negresco - La Terrazza - Hotel Negresco Princess

Live Negresco – La Terrazza – Hotel Negresco Princess

With Mixtrack you will make a trip in the Deep House and soul music more elegant and sophisticated and you will identify some known songs of the years 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Meanwhile, Paula Dominguez offers a repertoire with guitar and voice. A musical journey that ranges from soul classics and jazz until pop music songs.

Besides music and panoramic views of Barcelona, La Terrazza of Hotel Negresco Princess offers a selection of drinks, food and cocktail of the day for 8€

Enjoy the weekend on the terrace!

Magic at the Hotel Negresco Princess

It isn’t an illusion, this is the magician Jorge Blass at the Hotel Negresco Princess. We have a talk with him. He will reveal us some of his magic tricks?

  • Good morning Jorge … Please, tell us. Where do you come from?

I’m from Madrid. I was born in Madrid but I am a citizen of the world because I travel a lot and i have been in many countries and cities.

  • What are you doing in Barcelona city

I am doing my last show “Palabra de mago” at the Teatre Poliorama until 16 October.

Jorge Blass - Hotel Negresco Princess

Jorge Blass – Hotel Negresco Princess

What we can expect to see in the show #PalabradeMago by Jorge Blass in Barcelona?

It is a spectacular show where there is great illusions, magic and technological effects.

Unpublished magic that uses the interaction with the public. There is a trick in the show in which David Copperfield has been interested in it. It is a 90-minute show with many surprises.

  • Have you been in different cities in Spain and others sites like Dresden, Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York … How should be a hotel to have a magic experience?

A Hotel should make you feel at home. It should be warm, comfortable and clean. And this Hotel in Barcelona, Hotel Negresco Princess, gives me that feeling.

  • You are a member of the Foundation “Abracadabra de Magos Solidarios” which do magic tricks in hospitals and nursing homes and these days you have visited hospitals in Barcelona. What is the children reaction when they see magic?

It’s the magic in pure form. When you do magic tricks in a hospital, people are sad because they have a very tough reality and magic can make them forget that reality and enjoy the moment.

Magic is a therapeutic tool. It’s a specialty that has much to discover yet. Magic is a wonderful balm for these difficult situations.

  • There is a week of Magic in Madrid, when in Barcelona?

We’re working on that. It would be great to make a magic festival in Barcelona with magicians from around the world. So I hope we can soon do this festival in the city.

  • Does the magic get along with new technology and social networks?

Magic goes along with technology and social media. But it’s important a balance. In the show, there are spectacular moments using technology.

Jorge Blass - Hotel Negresco Princess

Jorge Blass – Hotel Negresco Princess

  • You mentioned that David Copperfield was interested by one of your acts. Was it an illusion come true for Jorge Blass?

Yes! I admire David Copperfield from childhood. He was/is one of my role models. So when he called me on my cell phone and he told me he wanted one of my tricks that i had invented. I was stunned!

Since then we work together and talk frequently. I have a new friend: David Copperfield. Recently was his birthday. David Copperfield offers two shows a day in Las Vegas. Incredible!

  • We know you have a magical briefcase with a special deck of cards, disappearance case, wand, etc. What is your favorite item, the funniest?

I like the wand. It’s a symbolic element. Formerly, magic wands were made from the wood of a tree that had been struck by lightning. Then it was an enchanted wood. The magic wands have a lot of symbolism. Now, we have replaced these with ipads and technology.

  • Again in the city, what is your favorite place in Barcelona?

I love many places in Barcelona. I love Gaudi, Casa Batllo and Parc Güell. Venues like the Plaça Reial. A concert hall in Barcelona called “Luz de Gas” to listen music. I enjoy to run in La Barceloneta. There are wonderful places in Barcelona.

  • And your favorite food in Barcelona?

There are many dishes but I’m a fan of Catalan cream

  • What do you think of this quote: “Who gets carried away by the magic, it is much happier than who spends its life trying to figure out the tricks?”

I agree. We are in an era where everyone wants to know everything.


Jorge Blass, thanks for your time. It was a pleasure and we hope you can discover the magic of our Hotel Negresco Princess. See you soon at your magic show in Barcelona!