25th Anniversary of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games

On July 25th will be held the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games. Olympic Games that stimulated and transformed the city of Barcelona.

To celebrate it, special and commemorative activities are organized for this iconic event that was held in 1992 and in which the eyes of the whole world were concentrated in Barcelona. Do not miss them! (More info)

The Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992, 25 years ago (Jocs de Barcelona ’92) left us great memories such as the charismatic Cobi (the official mascot), “Hola” as a friendly greeting during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the surprising ignition of the cauldron with an arrow, the song “Barcelona”, anthem of the Olympic Games and interpreted by the singer of Queen, Freddi Mercury and the Catalan soprano Montserrat Caballé. What was your best moment?

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Barcelona is still a city that welcomes sport and its values. On October 8 the Barcelona Triathlon will be held in the city, in which all those lovers of the sport can register.
The triathlon of Barcelona will have the same route of the last years, which will be done by riding a bike, swimming, and running, a combination of styles that can be a great challenge for athletes.
At the Barcelona Princess Hotel we have a passion for sport, healthy living and challenges in our DNA, which is why some of the members of our staff will be forming the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam and will take part in this magnificent event for another year.

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel of the Barcelona Triathlon

In this hotel in Barcelona, Barcelona Princess, the sport is part of our project “360 Sustainable Princess & You” because it is an important aspect to have in mind in a healthy life, since it helps us to feel active in addition to improving our physical condition, making us feel more cheerful.
Let’s revive the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Games!

Barcelona Princess Hotel wins the triathlon in preservation of seabed

Yesterday, at only 10 minutes from our hotel took place the activity performed on the beach of Mar Bella in favour of the environment.

The challenge consisted in a triathlon, where workers of the Barcelona Princess Hotel had to compete in a relay race in order to compile the largest possible number of waste. After completing this ecological initiative #BarcelonaPrincessTeam it was in the first position against its competitors with 147 kilos of garbage from a total of 249 kilos of waste collected.

Equipo Hotel Barcelona Princess

Equipo Hotel Barcelona Princess

See all the photos here

Our marvelous team was consited in:

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Thank you Barcelona Princess Team, solidarity athletes in the Barcelona Triathlon 2016

On October 9th the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam will swim, ride and run during the Barcelona – Triathlon to fight against rare diseases.

Your collaboration can be fundamental in helping us. You can make your charity donation on migranodearena.orghttp://www.mgda.es/r/1/11391

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Hotel #BarcelonaPrincessTeam for the Barcelona Triathlon 2016 to fight against rare diseases

On October 9th the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam will swim, ride and run during the Barcelona – Triathlon to fight against rare diseases.

There are 7 solidarity athletes. They will wear the Barcelona Princess team shirt and they will do the Barcelona Triathlon for a good cause: To raise funds destined to CIBERER, the institute that investigates rare diseases.

Our goal is still far away. We need your support! You can make your charity donation on migranodearena.org

#Barcelonaprincessteam - Barcelona Triathlon 2016

#Barcelonaprincessteam – Barcelona Triathlon 2016

The team #BarcelonaPrincessTeam 2016 for the Barcelona Triathlon is composed of five atletetas in the individual format and Olympic distance. They had already participated in the Barcelona triathlon. (See Garmin Barcelona Triathlon 2015)

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Barcelona – Triathlon Routes 2016

Countdown started for one of the best sports events in Barcelona. Do you know the routes of the Barcelona – Triathlon?

All distances (Super Sprint, Sprint and Olympic) will start the Barcelona – Triathlon swimming in the Mar Bella beach with a sea water temperature of 21 ° C approximately. So you can use wetsuit.

The Hotel Barcelona Princess, Official Hotel Barcelona – Triahlon,  is located on Av.Diagonal No. 1, a few minutes walk from the start of the race and the beach.

Barcelona Princess - Official Hotel - Barcelona-Triathlon 2016

Barcelona Princess – Official Hotel – Barcelona-Triathlon 2016

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