From Barcelona to the Pyrenees – Congress of the product and gastronomy of the Pyrenees

Pedro, Chef of the Hotel Barcelona Princess, will leave Barcelona for a few days to attend Congreso del producto y la gastronomía de los Pirineos  (Congress of the product and gastronomy of the Pyrenees).

This congress will be held from 18 to 21 March at the Palacio de Congresos in Huesca. More than a congress will be a space to share experiences among restuarant business, the food industry, chefs, wine experts, foodies and in general for the lovers of the gastronomy.

There will be renowned figures of gastronomy,for example Alberto Ferruz, chef of the BonAmb restaurant in Alicante, Charo Val, chef of La Alacena del Gourmet Catering & Events, from Ibiza; Guy Espagnacq, chef of the restaurant Le Petit Gourmand in Tarbes; Óscar García, chef of the Baluarte restaurant in Soria, Guillermo Cruz and Ramón Perisé Moré, sommelier and cook of the Restaurant Mugaritz in Rentería; Manuel Godet, chef of the restaurant L’Impreinte in Tarbes; Ricardo Sanz, chef of the restaurant Kabuki in Madrid and from Barcelona, Pedro Montolio, chef of the Barcelona Princess Hotel.

David Bourg & Pedro Montolio at The Gyma Bar, Hotel Barcelona Pirncess

David Bourg & Pedro Montolio at The Gyma Bar, Hotel Barcelona Pirncess

Pedro Montolio and David Bourg were winners of the first semifinal of Barcelona of the CCA and they will be in the final of the 7th edition of this contest Concurso Cocinero del Año  – CCA (Best Chef of the Year) but on Tuesday, March 21 they will be attend at the presentation and show cooking “La cocina de la trufa negra de Huesca” (The cuisine of the Black truffle in Huesca) where they will prepare three delicious tapas with truffle of Huesca as ingredient.

By the way, the truffle that in this moment is a seasonal product, has recently been used in one of the dishes of the weekly menu of the restaurant of this Hotel in Barcelona, The Corner Bar; And as a first notice, truffle will also be used as an ingredient in one of the tapas of the next 2017 edition of the Hotel Tapa Tour in Barcelona.

Mientras tanto en la cocina del Barcelona Princess, Joan Steve se quedará al cargo de idear una innovadora y deliciosa tapa con plancton marino para el reto del Hotel Tapa Tour  que se llevará a cabo en Barcelona del 4 al 14 de mayo.

Meanwhile in the kitchen of the Barcelona Princess Hotel, Joan Steve will be in charge of conceive an innovative and delicious tapa with marine plankton as ingredient for the challenge of the Hotel Tapa Tour that will  be held in Barcelona from 4 to 14 May.

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