Curiosities about Barcelona – Caga Tió: the catalonian Santa Claus

Known also as the ¨Tió de Nadal¨ (Christmas uncle in Catalan), character of mythological origin, tells the Catalan and Aragon’s holiday tradition. One curiositie of Christmas in Barcelona.
On December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, all the Catalan children come with joy to finding their ¨Caga tió¨ or ¨Tió de Nadal¨  and take it to their home and feed it until December 24th.
It is placed in a meaningful space, usually in the main hall; the children feed it every day and covered it with a blanket so do not get cold. When Christmas arrives, on December 24th, tradition dictates that the little ones should lash with batons against the ¨Caga Tió¨ who will give them gifts filling everybody of excitement and joy.
This tradition is related to the Christmas tree, which also carries gifts for the children. From the Barcelona Princess Hotel we want to share this symbol through our Christmas Tree of Dreams.
So we’ve asked both the team and our customers to donate a toy and help us provide grounds to dream to the children of the charity foundation Centre Obert Neus Puig. 
We don’t set a ¨Caga Tió¨ because we hope to collect so many toys that they are not going to fit in.  

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