Meet the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam for the eDreams Media Marató

Barcelona Princess Hotel is the official hotel of the eDreams Mitja Marató in Barcelona and this year we will run the race again for a good cause.

Our charity challenge is to raise EUR 1,500 to destine to the CIBERER, the institute that investigates X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare disease that affects mainly children between 4 and 10 years. Most cases can be successfully treated if diagnosed on time.

At the Hotel Barcelona Princess we have the support from 10 fantastic people and runner who will help us to reach our challenge.

#BarcelonaPrincessTeam: Rafa, Paula, Ferrán, Beatriz, Ausma, Víctor & Joan

#BarcelonaPrincessTeam: Rafa, Paula, Ferrán, Beatriz, Ausma, Víctor & Joan

We introduce our #BarcelonaPrincessTeam. They will run the half marathon “eDreams Mitja Marató” to collaborate in the fight against rare diseases. This is how they define themselves!

Joan Esteve

I am cook at the Hotel Barcelona Princess. It’s the third time I run a charity race with the hotel. I love endurance sports. I am not a pro but I like to do everything: swimming, cycling, running and I love mountain. For me, sport is a lifestyle!

Paula Fernández-Ochoa

I’m legal marketing consultant and personal branding consultant. I am partner of +MoreThanLaw. My life Motto is “That no one wins you to laugh” #VivirRiendo and #VivircorRiendo. I will run the half marathon eDreams with the Barcelona Princess hotel because I admire their solidarity work that they are developing and I want to support the charity cause of this race. Solidarity in the running makes me enjoy even more this activity. For me, running is more than a sport. It makes me feel alive and I reflect this feeling in my Instagram profile @VivircorRiendo

Víctor Feliu

I like sport, adventure and technology. I work for the Hotel Barcelona Princess in the IT area and I have previously run other races for the Hotel as the Garmin Triathlon Barcelona. I’m excited to run the eDreams Media Marathon race and I am sure that we will achieve our charity challenge to continue the research on X-ALD.

Rafa Orellana

I’m lawyer and expert calligrapher for law courts for many years. Among my hobbies, I underline my passion for running and i keep doing it on weekends and I run early morning before work. I’m involved as a volunteer in some social projects with children diagnosed with cancer and in the penitentiary sphere. I run the eDreams because I feel very comfortable competing with myself. And this year more than ever, because thanks to the Hotel Barcelona Princess, I will run in favor of a good cause that it is worth committing yourself.

Ausma Nagla

My name is Ausma Nagla and I am from Latvia. I work in hospitality; I love sports, languages and be close to nature. In this moment, I work for Hotel Negresco Princess, the new hotel of the Princess Hotels chain in Barcelona, in the city center. I run the “eDreams Mitja Marató” in Barcelona because I have new goals and I want to achieve these. This will be the first time I ‘ll run a half marathon and I’m very happy and lively.

Ferrán Escardo

I am passionate about family, friends and sport. Foodie, a nature lover and I’m sensitive to my surrounding area. Life means share. In this life we are passing through but we must leave our mark. I run the eDreams Mitja Marató in Barcelona to fight against X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy, it’s my goal and I also run to raise funds for research on X-ALD, it’s my victory.

Oscar Guerrero Morales

My name is Oscar Guerrero Morales. I am interior designer and I am also yoga teacher. I love traveling and all sports especially mountain sports in winter. My aim is to enjoy the nice route of the half marathon in Barcelona and if is possible improve my personal time of the last edition. 😉

Beatriz Pascuas

I’m technologist and a nature lover. I love sport which i do in many different ways. I join eDreams Media Marató race and I run the race with other friends with whom I share values and hopes to support research on Adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare disease.

Laura Feliu

I am the sister of Victor and I wear the #BarcelonaPrincessTeam shirt to run the eDreams Mitja Marató and fight against rare diseases. I have 7 years as a runner and I’m a physical activity and sport fan. My goal of the half marathon in Barcelona is to improve my personal time and train for the marathon in Barcelona.

Carles Esteve

Like my brother Joan I love cooking. I am a baker and I have recently become a “runner”. Running in Barcelona the eDreams Media Marató with the Barcelona Princess Team is a way to be a #charityrunner and help to raise awareness of these rare diseases.

Together we can collaborate in the fight against the X-ALD. Join in our #BarcelonaPrincessTeam and help us to fight against rare diseases!

Please make your charity donation at

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