#IamNegrescoPrincess – Jon García, Chef of the Hotel Negresco Princess

On this occasion, we have visited the kitchen of the Negresco Princess Hotel and we talked with Jon Garcia who speaks a little about him, his role as Chef in the new hotel in the center of Barcelona, about a surprise that the hotel is cooking and about Barcelona city.

– Jon, where are you from?

I came from the El Salvador to Barcelona 15 years ago. Initially I came to study a master degree and loved the city. Also I was fortunate to enter into the world of the kitchen and made my hobby a profession.

–  What are you doing at the Hotel Negresco Princess?

I run the kitchen of the Hotel Negresco Princess. I mean, I’m in charge of our gastronomic offer and the day by day of the kitchen.

Jon, Chef Negresco Princess Hotel in Barcelona

Jon, Chef Negresco Princess Hotel in Barcelona

– What do you like most about your team?

I like that is a young team. They want to learn and they want to get this gastronomic project off the ground. It is a team that has a great aptitude, a great attitude and a huge smile.

– Do you want to tell a story about your experiences at the Negresco Princess Hotel?

Well, I will not forget that before the opening of this new hotel in Barcelona, the kitchen looked like a warehouse. It was a challenge and an illusion give shape to this space and transform it into the great kitchen that now it is.

– From your everyday practice, how do you contribute to the plan of social and environmental responsibility of the Hotel?

Like the Hotel Barcelona Princess, every day we try to contribute environment and in each of our actions. For example, we have suppliers km 0 without intermediaries especially to buy our fruits and vegetables.

We also have a menu designed with seasonal products. We adapted it every 3 or 4 months according to the season so that the products are fresh

– Which one is your favorite place in the city of Barcelona?

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Avenida Maria Cristina is a special place for me because it was the first place that I visited when I arrived to Barcelona and it gave me an unique and nostalgic atmosphere.

– Which one is your favorite place in the Hotel Negresco Princess?

The terrace of the Hotel Negresco is amazing. It has everything: swimming pool, solarium, view to Barcelona and our bar Terrazza.

Which one is your favorite dish in the The Coner by Princess menu?

I recommend tuna tataki with wasabi mayonnaise. It is a good choice from our menu of The Corner by Princess. I really like the balance and the perfect combination of marinated tuna with spicy wasabi. In addition, it is a very visual dish that you will love.

– If you come to visit the city, what you could not miss see or do in Barcelona?

Visit The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc and enjoy the music and color show.

– Jon, What is the surprise that the hotel is cooking?

Hotels are also gastronomy and the Hotel Negresco Princess will be part of the group of hotels that will participate in the next Hotel Tapa Tour Barcelona that will be held from 6 to 17 April 2016. I can only say that we will participate with an avant-garde tapa with contrast of textures and flavors and with a charity tapa made with a traditional recipe from Latin America with Mediterranean touches. Later, we will tell you more details!

Thanks to Chef Jon, thank you for allowing us to enter into the hotel’s kitchen. See you at the next #IamNegrescoPrincess and in the New Hotel Negresco Princess in the center of Barcelona

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