LÀBORA program, fight for employment!

From the Hotel Barcelona Princess we take very seriously our responsibility to clients, team members, partners and community in which we live and work. Since our opening, more than 10 years we are collaborating with the immediate environment by promoting environmentally and socially responsible initiatives.



A few days ago we were with the heads of the Làbora program, created by the City Council of Barcelona, ​​whose main objective is the employment of people at risk of social exclusion, in which we have been pioneers and we have our certificate that qualifies us  as a company committed with job placement.

The  job placement is  a must today; guarantee a future for people at risk of social exclusion grows the city and its economic capacity, something that affects us all.

Làbora member companies are committed to hiring people with these difficulties and help among all their reintegration into the labor market.

labora cer

Another world is possible between all; so much as if you’re company or person seeking work and want to join the program visit the Lábora website.

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