Live, dream, savor the Barcelona Princess experience

If you’ve visited our hotel sure you will identify with the video that you see below. It is a project done with great enthusiasm and which we are proud!

We sought to show our more emotional side, invite you to dream, carried away by the good moments of life and live the purer Barcelona Princess experience.

Live, dream, taste…

We had the help of a great team of film school Bande A Part of Barcelona. We thank you for your dedication and willingness and excellence shown during this project.
It is for you guys!
She – Vanesa González Rosano
He – Fabian Castro

Direction: Javier Alba
Assistantship: Aleix Castro
Photo Direction: Susana Llamazales
Camera: Jordi Perals
Gaffer: Lili Marquez
Electrical: Nicolas Rebella
Sound and Editing: Lars Helmers
Casting and Costumes: Maria Garcia
Makeup and Hair: Anna Maki Upart
Production: Josep Oller and Javier Alba

In Collaboration:
Film School Bande A Part of Barcelona

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