New WIFI Take away in the Hotel Barcelona Princess

At the Hotel Barcelona Princess we are constantly looking for ways to offer the best service to our guests, we are a modern hotel and we like to offer the best.
For this reason, we have added a new free and exclusive service, the “wifi take away” so that our guests can be connected at any time.

What is it?
This new service, is a wireless pocket sized router that you can carry everywhere, it is not very big so you can take it with you on your visit to the city, to have the best connection during your stay in Barcelona.

Wifi take away

Wifi take away

How does it work?
With this simple router, you can have a high-speed connection with your own smartphone, so you can connect with whoever you want and whenever you want.

You can use the GPS of your smartphone to know where you are and not get lost in the city, besides, you’ll be able to connect to your application with the high speed that the “wifi take away” gives to your connection.

This new service is exclusive and free (subject to availability of devices) if you book through the official website of the Hotel, so you can make the most of your holiday during your stay in the city without having to worry about unexpected expenses, give yourself a privilege and try it, you will not regret it.

Take Away Wifi is available to all our guests. You can request it at the reception, they will inform you of the cost in case you have not booked through the website of the hotel.

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