Outdoor cinema under the sky of Barcelona. Cinema a la fresca

It have passed already 10 editions of the Cinema a la fresca (outdoor cinema in Catalan) in the is ¨La Sala Montjuïc¨ (Montjuïc Castel yard), every summer from June to August a selection of the best films ever, concerts, picnic and short movies is proposed to all public.

Although the best known of these outdoor cinemas location is La Sala Montjuïc, other spaces have also been highlighting over the years: Sans Train Station, Sant Sebastià Beach, the courtyard of the CCCB, Mercal Air and L’Illa Diagonal shopping center.


Each scenario has a different schedule, starting by Sans Train Station and Mercal Air in June, La Sala Montjuïc and Sant Sebastia Beach in July and the CCCB from today, an immaculate selection of movies will happen, selected by film experts so every week moviegoers, couples, families and visitors can enjoy outdoor screenings with facilities to bring their own picnic or go to the food stations and bars located around these halls.


There have been seen successes like: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Human Capital, American Interior, On Marxa, Mädchen in Uniform, Cinema Paradiso, Wild Stories, Reservoir Dogs, Space is the Place, El Lobo behind the door and I need a Dodge and many more!proxy

It remains much cinema to see … best of all?

  • Many sessions are free
    • The payment will not exceed 10 €
    • You can bring your picnic and drinks
    •There is something for everyone!

For more information, schedules and tickets visit http://www.cinemalliure.com/programacio2015/ (programming available in English and Spanish)

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