Outdoor leisure, the trendiest summer parties in Barcelona

In the Hotel Barcelona Princess we are always in search of the best recommendations for our customers, while enjoying the hotel and additional facilities,  live the most authentic and trendy summer parties in Barcelona.

We bring you a list of activities hottest summer, though, outdoors because with this fantastic time … Who wants to be locked up?

Música als Parcs during weekdays from June to August in open spaces in the city. They are already several years of this initiative, which the City Council of Barcelona organizes every summer. The concepts is simple but lovely, assigning pop up scenarios throughout the city and provide an opportunity for local artists and music groups filled with musical notes and voices every corner of Barcelona. All are absolutely free and almost every day there is a new proposal. Classical music, jazz … choose your favorite rhythm in daily programming!



Zoco Sundays Brunch –Tea Dance every Sunday at CDLC Barcelona. One of the fashionable restaurant, terrace and discotheque in the city where locals and visitors gather to enjoy the sun, good music and the sea breeze. Beginning at 11 am and until 20: 30h propose a Burnch and Cocktails, live music, Fashion Markets, concept beach volleyball tournaments and lots of atmosphere! You can go through list, no need to pay for entry. To sign up visit the website!

zoco CDLC Barcelona

The Poble Espanyol blues sounds, this activity is not free but at a price of 6.50€ but is perfectly accessible for the offer, and also allows us to enjoy a party with live music in one of the most wonderful places outside of Barcelona. All summer nights until August 29th a selection of recognized blues musicians offer beverages and not miss anything. Buy early entry, it costs 1€ less! More info here.

poble nou nits blues

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