Meet our team more closely in #iamBarcelonaPrincess

#iamBarcelonaPrincess more than a job, a family with which to share.
We spoke to Antonio Giménez from the Food & Beverages Department and he tells us about his work in the hotel, but especially some endearing stories of some of our dearest customers.

– ¿Where are you from?


I’m from Barcelona city though my parents are from Castilla y La Mancha

– ¿What are you doing at the hotel?
I am part of the Food and Beverage team and have the function of Supervisor. Working in all areas of catering and hotel events.

– ¿How long have you been here?
I’ve work here for 2 years.

– ¿What do you like most about your team?
That they are very honest; I have worked with many teams and if I’m still here is because I am very happy with the one I have now.

– ¿Do you want to tell a story about your experiences at the Hotel Barcelona Princess?
I remember several regular customers with some particular stories and that makes you to feel affection for them.
One guest, a well known person, when she was in Barcelona for recording the Infanta wedding was a regular customer of the hotel. Her kindness and closeness was such that we finished been friends.
Another customer who left his personal imprint in the Hotel was a US Army colonel who spent a year in Barcelona because he fell in love with the city; he constantly came to the restaurants and bars always with a new story to tell us.
Finally, a French lawyer from Lyon to occasionally still coming to the hotel. She is specialized on divorce litigation and every time she wins a case, she calls her trusted taxi company and comes to Barcelona Princess to celebrate it. As you can imagine is a great joy to receive her each time.

– From your everyday practice, ¿how do you contribute to the plan of social and environmental responsibility of the Hotel?
The main task that I have as a manager is especially the proper disposal of waste. Train staff, follow the protocol, and monitor that it is properly done, mainly because in F&B Department we have many kinds of waste to recycle.

– ¿Which one is your favourite place in the city of Barcelona?
The Sagrada Familia. As a child I went to this church to see the works, there you could find the architects and workmen doing the terminations; and the best of all is that it was open to all the curious who wished to come. For me it has been very fortunate to live the transformation of this artwork from scratch.

– If you came to visit the city ¿what you could not miss see or do in Barcelona?
I would go to the outskirts of Barcelona. Many people come to enjoy the city, but for me the most beautiful is within Catalonia. From the Nord bus station, for example, you can take any bus of the Alsa line and go to the Costa Brava. There’s a town called Tossa de Mar, a lovely village 1 hour from Barcelona perfect to spend a spectacular day between the beach, its historic castle ruins and medieval houses rescued that now seems a museum of pygmies houses.

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