Summer breakfasts. Come to Barcelona Princess!

According to nutrition experts breakfast has to take it easy, spend about 15-20 minutes and enjoy every bite. In summer, many of you are on vacation, we bring recommendations for a perfect breakfast.

summer breakfast

For your breakfast you can not miss three key elements from the nutritional point of view, if you are intolerant to some of them, you can use substitutes:

  • Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese. At the breakfast, which as you know is an open buffet, you have at your disposal cheese boards, skim, whole or soy milk; sheep cheese board and semi cured beef; and also all yogurts in Barcelona Princess comes from La Fageda, a Catalan social initiative and non-profit Olot (Garrotxa, Girona), which promotes the social integration of people at risk of social exclusion.

summer breakfast

  • Cereals: In our bar you will find sweet cereal grains, sugar and muesli.
  • Fruit: our breakfast, freshly cut, and always in season you can find a selection of fruits grown by local producers within 100km from Barcelona. Also, for the more adventurous we trays of tropical fruits available all year round but in summer a special touch to breakfast.

summer breakfastIn addition to this a little coffee in our breakfast comes from Fair Trade, tea, jam, and good slices of ham or sausages can complement a balanced and varied breakfast.

In summer we cherish our food even more, stay hydrated and eat healthy and natural foods.

summer breakfast

If you eat breakfast in the Hotel Barcelona Princess These days, published a photo of your selection etiquetándonos on social networks, we’d love to know if you followed a balanced and appropriate selection to summer!

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