Barcelona Forum District y Poble Nou Urban District, two great iniciatives!

The Sant Martí district, where the Hotel Barcelona Princess is located, is the second most populous district of Barcelona.


The neighborhoods that comprise are characterized by a strong will to growth and modernization; humble character but with a clear vision supported by the citizens themselves, which would augur a privileged place in the eyes of Barcelona and the rest of the country. Read more →

Corporate Social Responsibility Actions 2014 Hotel Barcelona Princess

In the numerous analyzes and projections for the New Year we’ve seen that the CSR in companies, both tourism and other sectors, is one of the most important issues of this 2015.
At the Hotel Barcelona Princess we have adopted the policy of Corporate Social Responsibility as one of the pillars of our management several years ago. Fruit of this, we present our 2014 CSR Memory.
Highlight key points as:

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2014 at the Barcelona Princess Hotel

Hello friends!
It has been a great year at the Barcelona Princess and we want to share with you all. 
Thanks for joining us throughout 2014, we hope to see you in 2015 and continue carrying many large projects together.
Happy new year to all!!

Curiosities about Barcelona – Caga Tió: the catalonian Santa Claus

Known also as the ¨Tió de Nadal¨ (Christmas uncle in Catalan), character of mythological origin, tells the Catalan and Aragon’s holiday tradition. One curiositie of Christmas in Barcelona.
On December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, all the Catalan children come with joy to finding their ¨Caga tió¨ or ¨Tió de Nadal¨  and take it to their home and feed it until December 24th.
It is placed in a meaningful space, usually in the main hall; the children feed it every day and covered it with a blanket so do not get cold. When Christmas arrives, on December 24th, tradition dictates that the little ones should lash with batons against the ¨Caga Tió¨ who will give them gifts filling everybody of excitement and joy.
This tradition is related to the Christmas tree, which also carries gifts for the children. From the Barcelona Princess Hotel we want to share this symbol through our Christmas Tree of Dreams.
So we’ve asked both the team and our customers to donate a toy and help us provide grounds to dream to the children of the charity foundation Centre Obert Neus Puig. 
We don’t set a ¨Caga Tió¨ because we hope to collect so many toys that they are not going to fit in.  

With TRINIJOVE Private Foundation help we fight every day by the environment

The Trinijove Private Foundation is dedicated since 1991 to provide an alternative to the plight of people in social exclusion in harsh environments and high unemployment level.
The Barcelona Princess Hotel has been working for years from the hands of Trinijove, not only to improve the lives of those in need, but also with its counselling programs and waste management to guide us in the most actual practices  for the treatment and disposal of waste from around the Hotel.
They are responsible for the following tasks:
– Collection of special waste such as oil, batteries, fluorescent, plastic, etc.
– Collection of toxic waste
– Collection of waste disposed in the ¨Ecopunt¨
– Collection and destruction of documentary and commercial waste such as paper, cardboard, glass, reusable, etc.
Finally, we have their advice to maximize our energy savings, make courses in environmental matters to all our employees and above all, to have a competent and committed institution as a partner in the development of our Corporate Social Responsibility projects.
From the Barcelona Princess Hotel we send a big THANK YOU to Trinijove Private Fundation and we guarantee our commitment to continue working together for a more sustainable planet!