One more year of collaboration with the Food Bank of Barcelona

Thanks to the proposed made by workers of the Barcelona Princess Hotel two years ago came a very close cooperation with the Food Bank of Barcelona.
A solidarity campaign that has had great results. Each month, all workers who wish to collaborate donate €1 to send food to needy people, mostly in the Sant Martí District and Forum Area to which we belong.
Parish of Sant Martí
Every three months, the direction of the Barcelona Princess Hotel brings the amount contributed by the entire team of workers and adds the same amount to be destined to a charity purchasing with food products that the Food Bank needs at any given moment.
During this year we have continued with this labour that is not only part of a Barcelona Princess’s team initiative, but it also has become one of the activities that most gratified and proud to all our employees.
Thanks to them and the Food Bank of Barcelona. Of course we pledge to continue during 2015 to work with you and bringing a bit of the Princess family to the neediest sectors of the city!