The legend of Sant Jordi, the dragon and the princess.

The most romantic day in Barcelona where roses and books are exchanged is coming.

April 23 is Sant Jordi (St. George), a celebration that is considered the Sant Valentin Catalan. In this tradition the streets of Barcelona wear red roses and you can buy books in the bookstalls in the streets like La Rambla.

The book was added to this celebration because Abril 23th is also celebrated the World Book Day.

But behind the princess, the knight, the dragon and the rose there is a legend: The Legend of Sant Jordi.

Sant Jordi · Barcelona · Hotel Barcelona Princess

Sant Jordi · Barcelona · Hotel Barcelona Princess

What is the legend of Saint George?

The Legend of St. George says that many years ago a fierce dragon terrified the surroundings of a kingdom. He devoured the animals to such an extent that it threatened the integrity of the locals.

To avoid the attack, it was decide to feed him a neighbor chosen by lottery. The Royal family was included, and luck wanted the chosen person to be the king’s daughter. As she was about to be swallowed by the dragon, a knight appeared and saved her, killing the dragon. It was St. George.

In the place where the dragon shed its blood a rose bush of red roses was born. Since then, the Catalan tradition in which men give a rose to their lover has been maintained.

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On April 23, clients of the urban hotels of the chain Princess Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Barcelona Princess and Hotel Negresco Princess, will receive a deliciuous cookie with the image of a nice dragon with a rose and with the explanation of this legend .

This cookie is special because it is a solidarity cookie made by women at high risk of social exclusion in the ARED Foundation (Fundació ARED). In this way tradition and social responsibility join together to achieve social integration.


Feliç Sant Jordi 2017! (Happy Saint George!)

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